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NutCapz…PVC Vinyl Color Lug Nut Covers…25 Pack  U.V. Stable Caps & Cap Removal Tool.
NutCapz add an updated look to your wheels and bring lug nuts to back to life!
They not only look great, they also help protect your lug nuts from the weather and help slow down and possibly deter theft.
NutCapz are U.V. Stable-PVC Vinyl, designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments. Designed to fit “tight” to your lug nuts, “friction fit” and the set includes a NutCapz Removal Tool that easily stows away in your car or truck.
Easy to install and the tool makes them easy to remove. For best results…always clean and degrease your lug nuts prior to installation of NutCapz.
NutCapz are proudly MADE IN THE USA using top quality raw materials and warranted for LIFE!
We stand by our products and offer a no hassle return and simple and easy exchanges. Please contact us with any questions or problems. We are here to Help!
Available in multiple colors (Black, Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Gray). NutCapz are available in 1” lengths sized to fit 19mm (3/4”) HEX & 21-22mm (13/16-7/8”) HEX. ½” Lengths to fit 17 mm (BOLT style) Short Lug Nuts.
NutCapz are easy to clean and won’t rust or discolor like many lug nuts tend to do.
Each set contains (25) NutCapz along with (1) NutCapz’s Removal Tool. Please see the NutCapz “SIZE REFERENCE CHART”.
**The most accurate way to determine what size NutCapz you need to order is to measure you current Lug Nuts or Lug Nut socket wrench/tool size.
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